The expertise of our designers will ensure people look confident and feel comfortable in their brand-compliant work attire. If your company is adopting a standardised corporate uniform for the first time, we can help you to manage the transition and reap the branding benefits that come with

a flattering, fashionable corporate wardrobe. Our corporate clients include financial services, real estate companies and hotels. For employees beyond the standard size and those with special requirements, we can manufacture made-to-measure garments.

A40 Round Neck Centre Split Tunic

AWL161 Female Checked Business Shirt

BL101S Tuck Front Short Sleeve Top

BL102Q Pleat Front Cuffed ¾ Sleeve Top

BL104 Pleat Front Cuffed ¾ Sleeve Top

BL105 Short Sleeve Crew Neck Top

BL106 Tie Detail Cap Sleeve Top

BL106Q Tie Detail Cuffed ¾ Sleeve Top

BL106QCST Tie Detail Cuffed 3/4 Sleeve Top

BL107 Pleat Front ¾ Sleeve Tunic

BL108 Mandarin Collar Long Sleeve Shirt

BL109 Mandarin Collar ¾ Sleeve Shirt

BL109CST Mandarin Collar 3/4 Sleeve Shirt

BL117Q Contrast Neck Tie 3/4 Sleeve Top

BL120Q Contrast Waist Tie 3/4 Sleeve Top

BL120S Contrast Waist Tie Short Sleeve Top

BL30032 Crew Neck Short Sleeve Tunic

BL40CP Mid Length Sleeve Panelled Shirt

BL41CP Short Sleeve Panelled Shirt

BL42AC Shirt Collar Cut-Out Sleeve Shirt

BL44 Round Collar Short Sleeve Top

BL46 Shirt Collar Gathered Short Sleeve Top

BL48 Concealed Placket 3/4 Sleeve Panelled Shirt

BL48S Concealed Placket Short Sleeve Panelled Shirt

BL60 Zip Front ¾ Length Sleeve Shirt

BL61 Zip front Cap Sleeve Shirt

BL62 Zip Front Long Sleeve Shirt

BL98 Short Sleeve V Neck Shirt

BZP501LS Ladies Shadow Polo

BZP501MS Mens Shadow Polo

MBSCP Male Short Sleeve Business Shirt

MBSL Male Striped L/Sleeve Business Shirt

MBSL2 Male Long Sleeve Business Shirt

MBSL2CP Male Long Sleeve Slim Business Shirt

MBSL2S Male Short Sleeve Business Shirt

MCS Male Casual Shirt


MCST Male Contrast Trim Casual Shirt

MCST3 Male Contrast Trim Concealed Placket Shirt

MES S/Sleeve Eppaulette Flap Pocket Shirt

MSS S/Sleeve Flap Pocket Shirt

P226LS Female Jet Polo

P226MS Male Jet Polo

PPBL58 Contrast Detail Mid Length Sleeve Blouse

PPBL98 Contrast Short Sleeve Blouse

PPMCSMD Male Casual Shirt With Contrast Detail

S627LN Ladies Sleeveless Top

S628LS Ladies Short Sleeve Top

T111 V Neck Crossover Satin Trim Top

T30545 Long Sleeve Merino Crew Neck Top

T30546 ¾ Sleeve Merino Crew Neck Top

VFLM81U Male Textured Stripe Business Shirt

WDGAXP Female Dri Gear Axis Polo

D10 Round Neck Dress

D11 Cap Sleeve Wrap Dress

D11Q ¾ Sleeve Wrap Dress

D15 Panel Dress

D16 V-Neck Robe Dress

D17 V-Neck long Wrap Dress

D20 V-Neck Wrap Dress

D22 Gathered Tie detail 3/4 Sleeve Dress

D25 Bell Sleeve Pleat Neck Detail Merino Dress

DWRAP Merino Wrap Dress

BL107MAT Pleat Front ¾ Sleeve Maternity Tunic

BL50MAT Maternity Wrap Top

BL60MAT Zip Front ¾ Sleeve Maternity Shirt

SK1000MAT Corporate Maternity Skirt

SL30MAT Corporate Maternity Pant

BS129LS Ladies Classic Short

MCPPF Male Flexi Waist Cargo Trouser

MDTPF-SLIM Male Slim Leg Flat Front Trouser

MDTTF Male Pleat Front Trouser

SF24098-001 Male Flat Front Trouser

SL1000-SLIM Female Low Rise Slim Leg Trouser

SL13 Stretch Waist Tapered Leg Corporate Pant

SL17-SLIM Side Zip Trouser

SL19 Female Low-Rise Front Belt Detail Trouser

SL20 Female Low Rise Tapered Leg Trouser

SL30120-SLIM Female Mid-Rise Belt Detail Slim Trouser

SL30130-SLIM Female Belt Loop Zip Front Trouser

SL31 ¾ Length Wide Leg Trouser

SL31-SLIM ¾ Length Straight Leg Trouser

SL32 Female Flexi-Waist Slim Leg Trouser

SL38 Female Seam Detail Slim Leg Trouser

SL39-SLIM ¾ Length Front Seam Detail Slim Leg Trouser

SF14052-001 Twin Front Pleat Skirt

SK1000 Single Kick Pleat Stretch Suiting Skirt

SK117 Corporate Maxi Skirt

SK121 Above Knee Single Kick Pleat Skirt

SK123 Double Kick Pleat Skirt No Darts

SK124 Below Knee Single Kick Pleat Skirt

SK126 Knee Length Front Split Skirt

SK132 Below Knee Flared Skirt

SK72 Inverted Kick Pleat Skirt With Pockets

KNIT11 Female Button Front Cardigan

KNIT13 Merino Longline Open Cardigan

KNIT14 Female Merino Cardigan

KNIT15 Long Sleeve Pleat Neck Detail Merino Top

KNIT15Q 3/4 Sleeve Pleat Neck Detail Merino Top

KNIT21 Male V-Neck Jumper

RMVNCF Female V-Neck Cardigan

RMVNCLF Female V-Neck Longline Cardigan

RMVNJF Female V-Neck Jumper

RMVNVM Male V-Neck Vest

RMWRAP Female Wrap Cardigan

JK07 Collarless Round Neck Mid Sleeve Jacket

JK08 Collarless V-Neck Cut Out Detail Jacket

JK09 Female Crop Jacket

JK10 Female Two Button Peplum Jacket

JK1000 Female Three Button Pocket Flap Jacket

JK11 Female Collarless Jacket

JK127 Female Three Button Jacket

JK128 Female Two Button Jacket

JK130LAB Female Three Button Lab Jacket

JK135 Female Longline Jacket

JK140 Zip Front Jacket

JK160 Cropped Curved Lapel Jacket

JK163 Female One Button Jacket

JK212 Male Two Button Jacket

SF16020-001 Ladies Two Button Fitted Jacket

SF26007-001 Male Two Button Double Vent Jacket

PAR014F Female Soft Shell Vest

PAR121F Female Soft Shell Jacket

PAR121X Unisex Soft Shell Jacket

PAR214X Unisex Soft Shell Vest

V100 Concierge Vest

V107 Female Zip Front Vest

Female Neck Scarf

Male Tie