Work wear for medical, healthcare and dentistry professionals is our strength. We've even developed our own anti-microbial fabrics - the Biogarde range - in response to the specific needs of the health sector. Our people work closely with a range of healthcare clients - including New Zealand's largest DHBs - to develop or source medical and nursing uniforms.

More specifically, we can supply healthcare tunics, pants, shirts, dresses, surgical scrubs, patient gowns, lab coats and every other type of garment worn in hospitals, clinics and laboratories. Designs can be turned around in as little as 48 hours and samples supplied within a few days.

A100 Wide Collar Tunic

A107 Round Collar Tunic

A108T V-Neck Zip Front Short Sleeve Tunic

A110 Standing Neckline V-Neck Zip Front Tunic

A25 Contrast Trim Three Pocket Tunic

A26 Mandarin Collar Tunic

A35 Crossover V-Neck Contrast Trim Tunic

A41 Short Sleeve Round Neck With Split Centre Tunic

A55 Asymmetrical Zip Front Button Detail Tunic

A97 Wing Collar Button Front Two Pocket Tunic

A99 Wing Collar Concealed Front Tunic

BL40CP Mid Length Sleeve Panelled Shirt

BL41CP Short Sleeve Panelled Shirt

BL48 Concealed Placket 3/4 Sleeve Panelled Shirt

BL48S Concealed Placket Short Sleeve Panelled Shirt

BZP501LS Ladies Shadow Polo

BZP501MS Mens Shadow Polo

MBSL2 Male Long Sleeve Business Shirt

MBSL2S Male Short Sleeve Business Shirt

MCSCP Male Casual Short Sleeve Shirt

MCSD Male Casual Shirt with Chest & Sleeve Trim

MCST Male Contrast Trim Casual Shirt

MCST2 Male Contrast Trim Concealed Placket Shirt

MCST3 Male Contrast Trim Concealed Placket Shirt

P226LS Female Jet Polo

P226MS Male Jet Polo

SCT00 Unisex Scrub Top

SCT001 Unisex Scrub Top with Cord Piping

SCT11 Female Contrast Trim Scrub Top

SCT21 Unisex Contrast Trim Scrub Top

SCT23 Unisex Scrub Top with Side Pockets

250 Tailored Knee Length Dress

D70 Pintuck Dress

A36MAT Crossover V-Neck Maternity Tunic

A55MAT Asymmetrical Zip Front Maternity Tunic

SL30MATPT Healthcare Maternity Pant

MCPPF Male Flexi Waist Cargo Trouser

MDTPF-SLIM Male Slim Leg Flat Front Trouser

MDTTF Male Pleat Front Trouser

SCP00 Unisex Poly Cotton Scrub Pant

SCP11 Unisex Active Pant

SCP12 Unisex 3/4 Active Pant

SCP14 Unisex Active Slim Fit Pant

SCP15 Active 3/4 Slim Fit Pant

SL32TF Female Flexi Waist Slim Leg Trouser

SL9TF Female Straight Leg Trouser

SH80TF Male Cargo Short

SH81TF Female Cargo Shorts

SK71TF Knee Length Skirt

KNIT11 Female Button Front Cardigan

KNIT21 Unisex V-Neck Jumper

RMVNCF Female V-Neck Cardigan

RMVNCLF Female V-Neck Longline Cardigan

RMVNJF Female V-Neck Jumper

RMVNVF Female V-Neck Vest

RMVNVM Male V-Neck Vest

RMWRAP Female Wrap Cardigan

CJ12 Short Sleeve Chemist Jacket

CJ12L Long Sleeve Chemist Jacket

JK128LAB Female Two Button Lab Jacket

JK130LAB Female Three Button Lab Jacket

JK131LAB Female Longline Lab Jacket

LAB1 Two Pocket Elasticated Cuff Lab Coat

LAB2 Three Pocket Elasticated Cuff Lab Coat

LAB3 Three Pocket Lab Coat

PG151 Front and Side Split Short Sleeve Jacket

PG151L Front and Side Split Long Sleeve Jacket

SAF Safari Short Sleeve Jacket

UJ49 Concealed Placket Short Sleeve Utility Jacket

UJ49L Concealed Placket Long Sleeve Utility Jacket

UJ50 Button Front Short Sleeve Utility Jacket

UJ51 Chest Trim Short Sleeve Utility Jacket

UJ53 Dome Front Long Sleeve Utility Jacket

PAR014F Female Soft Shell Vest

PAR121F Female Soft Shell Jacket

PAR121X Unisex Soft Shell Jacket

PAR214X Unisex Soft Shell Vest

RWCJ Unisex Reflective Combo Jacket

SF16260 Female Sport Vest

SF26260 Male Club Vest

SH11 Unisex Active Short

DG001S Short Sleeve Dental Gown

OVERALL1 Overall

PTG001 Patient Gown

PTG007 Unisex Patient Gown

PTRWAF Unisex Waffle Robe

iPad Mini Satchel